As global leaders in engineering design support services, we've been a trusted partner since our establishment in 2016. Our clientele includes Plant industry majors, Marine engineering, power and utility companies, esteemed engineering firms, local authorities, architectural practices, and discerning individuals.

Whilst they are impressed by our state-of-the-art technologies, highly qualified local experts, ongoing best practice development, and 'whole of project' philosophy are impressive, what truly matters to our clients is clear:

Our uncompromising dedication to quality, punctuality, an unblemished safety record, and an industry-leading reputation for 'doing it right the first time. With a complete set of technologies at our disposal to assure project success, it's time to discover the Fibrox3D difference.

Fibrox's Vision

We aspire to become a world-class integrated offshore company, delivering engineering services responsibly, harmonizing risk and opportunity in a sustainable manner, together, each day.

Our Vision's Achievement

The realization of this vision hinges on our highly skilled team, their extensive experience, unwavering professionalism, and dedicated technical expertise, all complemented by our unwavering client focus.

Unique Values

Our values are distinctive, having been nominated and chosen by our own organization's members. These values signify what holds utmost importance to us all:


It forms the very foundation of our business. We consistently uphold the highest ethical standards.


We extend respect to all, be it our colleagues, customers, business partners, or the environment.


We take responsibility and maintain openness in our professional relationships. We establish diverse global teams, fostering a culture of free exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge worldwide.


Our commitment to excellence permeates everything we do. We are resourceful and agile, always responding to our customers' needs.



"The digital twin industry is both demanding and lucrative. With a decade of industry expertise, I am proud of Fibrox3D's track record of development and innovation. Despite the industry's ups and downs, our team has created creative and efficient techniques and deployed cutting-edge technology to propel Fibrox3D to the forefront of the industry. In the present low-cost environment, our services continue to assist our clients to save money on a variety of projects."

Karan Kamani


"Fibrox 3D fosters organisational transformation for its clients by utilising and implementing advanced data-driven technology. The Fibrox 3D employs the latest laser data capturing, data processing, asset visualisation, and engineering techniques. Fibrox 3D supports clients in implementing efficiencies to save time and money while also limiting financial and operational risk."