BIM Services

Scan To BIM Modeling - Point Cloud To Revit 3D Model

BIM conversions are one of the most highly demanding services. Scan to BIM services is most needed while reconstruction and renovations of an existing building are done. It takes the point cloud data of the building and turns them into impressive BIM models. These models possess each of the specific details in the most accurate form.

What Does Scan To BIM Help In?

  • Scan to BIM helps in creating as-built models that are used for renovation, refurbishment, and restoration works.
  • These as-built BIM models are also used in infrastructure constructions like tunnels and bridges.
  • They are also used for MEP services which further allow for clash detection of the building during the construction stage.
  • The point cloud data is used in getting accurate measures and dimensions quickly.

The perfect scan to BIM services can be achieved by using a 3D laser scanner that produces an immense amount of data. The highly graphical point and mesh data are received from the laser scanner to present an appropriate BIM model. Fibrox3D has a group of trained and experienced professionals who capture the point cloud data as it is. They make the utmost use of point cloud technology and BIM software to assist them in creating the best BIM 3D models for their clients.

We have worked for various kinds of industries, providing them with all kinds of BIM solutions that they ask for. Our conversion services are meant for all sectors. We cover all the industries that come under the architectural, engineering, and construction sector. For each sector, we make sure that the deliverables are always at par to their expectations and surpassing excellence level.

We work with all kinds of professionals as our clients, like contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and architects. We understand their concerns and develop the BIM model as per their requisites. Our clear and transparent communications allow our clients to trust us more effectively with their precious projects.

Our Scan To BIM Modeling Team Is Capable Of Developing Information-Rich Scan To BIM. We Offer The Following:-

  • Demolition of MEP or construction components
  • Addition of MEP or HVAC components
  • Design planning
  • Design validation
  • Documentation for existing building
  • Interference checks
  • Quantity take-off
  • Accurate budget estimation
  • Interdisciplinary coordination

Our scan to BIM process involves careful planning and execution. As mentioned earlier, we do take time in getting to know the expectations and requirements of our clients. We ensure to understand the building in depth before just jumping into the project. That gives us the proper knowledge to plan rather than a vague idea. Here are the steps of the BIM process that we follow:

Step 1: Capture The Data

We start with capturing the building data through laser scanners. Scans are done from every angle of the building.

At times, we do get the scanned data directly from the client. In such cases, this first step is skipped.

Step 2: Data Analysis And Processing

The scanned raw data is put into the software for further processing. The data is very thoroughly analyzed and then processed so as to get everything right without any discrepancies. The data is then converted into a 3D model.

Step 3: Exportation Of Model

The converted BIM model is then exported from the software. It is compared with real-world criteria. After which the BIM model is delivered to the client.

  • Scan to BIM or point cloud to BIM services are extremely beneficial from several aspects. With our excellent service, the work of contractors is much easier and quicker. Benefits of having us for your scan to BIM conversion services:
  • You will get the most efficient outcome from the entire project
  • Quicker completion of the design process
  • Better collaboration between stakeholders and all the parties
  • The client can go for informed decision making
  • You will get the most accurate results
  • You will be having an information-rich three-dimensional model
  • Our accurate designs will minimize any kinds of risks and errors
  • Lesser risks will lead to safer execution
  • The resources will be used more efficiently
  • One can carry out the construction in a planned manner

We provide the most authentic quality scan to BIM services that guarantees in being a valuable decision for the stakeholders. All our clients can vouch for the quality of the BIM models they have received from us. Our years of experience combined with our skilled resources make it very much possible. We aim to create a global name.